The true face of the Reformation


Fr. Grzegorz Śniadoch about why it is important to support this movie production!

“This movie is really important and needed because it is going to help to understand, and certainly to remove mask of illusion about Martin Luther himself and about what he has started.”

Prof. Jacek Kowalski about a movie “Luther and the Protestant revolution”

We encourage you to watch promotional spot of „Luther and the Protestant revolution” movie with prof. Jacek Kowalski – polish singer, sarmat and poet.

Photos from Leeds

Leeds – the exceptionally spectacular ruins of Kirkstall Abbey monastery, before ages – a bustling center of civilization, today – a monumental image of the devastation made by the Protestant revolution.

Photos from Vigeland Park

According to the timetable we have started the third phase of the movie production, which includes the edition of the Polish version and final stage of work on animation and sound designing. It is also a time for the final, complementary shooting. Last weekend Konstanty Kulik – one of the members of the film crew […]



Stage 1

Making of footage for the film in several European cities in nine European countries, including interviews with several prominent international authorities. Transcription of interviews and translation into Polish.

Stage 2

Assemblage of iconography. Analysis of collected film materials and preparation for montage. Development of film animation. Implementation of supplementary footage, so-called second takes.

Stage 3

Montage work of the Polish language version. Final stage of animation work. Sounding the movie.

Stage 4

Development of foreign language versions of the film. Preparation for distribution and the premiere of the film.

We need 115,600 EUR

Shooting days
54 200 EUR
Transcripts and translations
8 200 EUR
Iconography and animation
26 000 EUR

Montage and sound
13 000 EUR
Language versions
14 200 EUR
Promotion of the film
w trakcie planowania

So far we have raised

116 733,75 EUR