The true face of the Reformation


Grzegorz Braun
Grzegorz Braun – born 1967, film director, publicist, candidate for the office of the President of the Republic of Poland in 2015; studied Polish in Wrocław, as well as film directing at the Radio and Television Faculty of the University of Silesia. He has directed dozens of documentary films, including „Wielka ucieczka cenzora”, „Plusy dodatnie, plusy ujemne”, „Defilada zwycięzców”, „Marsz wyzwolicieli”, „Towarzysz generał”, „Eugenika - w imię postępu”, „Nie o Mary Wagner”, „Transformacja – od Lenina do Putin. His texts have been published, among others, in „Polonia Christiana”, „Historia bez Cenzury”, „Polska Niepodległa”. In the presidential election he ran under the slogan “Faith, Family, Ownership”; in the parliamentary elections under the slogan “God Bless”. With the aim of awakening “sleeping knights” he established the Pobudka organization, which promotes the program of Church, School, Shooting Range, Mint.

Grzegorz Braun’s directorial work includes several dozen titles. The most notable are:

Plusy dodatnie plusy ujemne

Prod. 2005/2006

Marsz Wyzwolicieli
(March of the Liberators)

Prod. 2009

Eugenika - w imię postępu
(Eugenics, in the name of progress)

Prod. 2011

Transformacja - od Lenina do Putina

Prod. 2012/2015


Osuchowa Foundation
Osuchowa Foundation, based in Warsaw, was founded by Grzegorz Braun in 2015. The Foundation’s main objective is to support the Pobudka organization in the implementation of the program “Church, School, Shooting Range, Mint”. The Foundation is chaired by Włodzimierz Skalik, who is also responsible for the production of “Luther and the Protestant Revolution”.


Grzegorz Braun

Włodzimierz Skalik

Zdzisław Sajuk
production manager

Aleksandra Braun

Konstanty Kulik

Leszek Nowicki

Szymon Kusior

Łukasz Rydzewski
sound (cooperation)

Tomasz Stala

Jolanta Wręczycka

We need 115,600 EUR

Shooting days
54 200 EUR

Over 40 days of interviewing more than 30 interlocutors in over a dozen cities in 9 countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Italy). Shooting took place in many buildings connected with Luther and the Protestant revolution.

Transcripts and translations
8 200 EUR

The film’s director, Grzegorz Braun, made the decision that all the interlocutors interviewed speak to the camera in their native tongues, which means that work with such material requires a very precise transcription of all speeches and then their translation into Polish and exact insertion into the time axis of the recording.

Iconography and animation
26 000 EUR

Numerous iconographs were prepared for the needs of the film which will illustrate and document the presented theses and statements. Like most of the documentaries directed by Grzegorz Braun, this one will also be enriched by attractive animation, that will give the film a proper dynamic.

Montage and sound
13 000 EUR

Extremely rich and extensive footage (nearly 50 hours of filming) requires careful analysis and selection of excerpts of individual statements, so that in combination with the iconography and film animation, we get the intended valuable effect in the form of a documentary film lasting about 80 minutes.

Language versions
14 200 EUR

The intent of the producer and the filmmakers is to reach as many viewers as possible in Poland and beyond. Hence, the film, apart from the Polish version, will also be produced in at least 2-3 other language verions.

Promotion of the film
Currently being planned

Reaching a large audience will require preparation and execution of a global promotional campaign. Efforts in this area should be concluded in the month of September and the level of necessary financial resources will be known.


So far we have raised

116 709,95 EUR


Our donors

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